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On LFO/Comb tab and Env/Main & Env/Aux hidden pages, the Quantize parameter can be used for creating interesting patterns from LFOs, Envelopes, etc. A simple and fun way to get an idea of how it can be used is as follows. First of all initialise the preset, go to Patch/FX tab and press Init. Then go to the Matrix/16 tab, and for ModMatrix #1 select LFO1 as source and AuxOsc1Pitch as destination, and set Amount to 1.

Then go to LFO/Comb tab, activate the Clocked button at top of LFO #1 column and set Rate to 4. Then find the Quantize slider below and set it to 2500 for example. If you play a midi note of 1 bar length on your sequencer you should now hear 4 stepped notes per bar, and because the LFO is clocked to the VST host it should play in sync. This has all sorts of creative possibilities so try it out and experiment with other values.

There is also a Quantize parameter on Osc/Main page, towards the bottom of Osc #1 Waveforms - Osc #4 Waveforms columns on right half of the display, which seems to basically "digitize" the waveform and can create some interesting industrial type sounds.